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Lawn Irrigation in Victoria for Every Season

When you need service maintenance for your lawn irrigation in Victoria and the surrounding areas, Hydrotek Irrigation Systems can help you out in every season. Each time of year brings a different type of maintenance for your irrigation system. Whether it’s an irrigation audit or a spring start-up, we bring years of experience to your project.



Freezing temperatures can cause damage to your underground irrigation pipes and fittings, which is why all sprinkler systems require winterization (blow-out). This process involves these steps:

  • Shutting off the water source

  • Using high-volume air compressors to remove any water in the lines fittings

  • DCVA (double check valve assembly/backflow preventer)

  • Noting any broken or faulty spray heads or pipes on our checklist for repair at the spring start-up

  • The timer will be set to the off position and the electrical power disconnected

  • The checklist will be left in the timer box for spring start-up

spring start-up

Spring Start-Up

Come springtime, Hydrotek will call to set up a spring start-up of your system. At this point in the year, we will:

  • Turn on the main water source and reenergize the sprinkler system

  • Perform seasonal adjustments, like adjusting spray head heights to allow for plant growth or other changes to the landscape

  • Repair any problems noted on the winterization shut down

  • Program the controller for spring conditions

summer adjustments

Summer Adjustments

As summer progresses it may be necessary to make adjustments to your sprinkler settings to maximize the efficiency of your system. These adjustments can include:

  • Changing the run times and frequency to avoid over or under-watering your landscape

  • Adjusting sprinkler heads

  • Checking for leaks

  • Making sure the system is running properly

DCVA Backflow Testing

CRD requires residential backflow testing to be performed every 3 years for residential backflow preventers, and every year for commercial backflow preventers. This is to ensure that the DCVA (double check valve assembly) is working properly, preventing any irrigation system water from back-siphoning into your drinking water. Hydrotek’s certified backflow testers can ensure professional testing upon request.

Sign up for winterization or spring start-ups! Contact us with any questions you may have.

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